Evanston Medium-Duty Towing

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Our Medium Duty Towing services are designed to meet the needs of customers who have vehicles that are too heavy for regular towing, but not as massive as semi-trucks or RVs. We operate in the Houston area of Illinois, where we have a fleet of modern medium-duty trucks that can handle vehicles weighing between 12 to 28 thousand pounds.

These vehicles include delivery trucks, utility vans, and other mid-sized vehicles that require special care and attention when being towed. Our medium-duty trucks have the power and precision to transport these vehicles safely and efficiently, without causing any damage or delay.

At Evanston Towing Company, we understand that every towing situation is different. That’s why we customize our medium-duty towing services to suit the specific needs and preferences of our customers, whether they are businesses or individuals. You can trust us to provide you with a professional and reliable medium-duty towing service in Evanston that will take care of your valuable vehicles in the best possible way.

Cook County RV/Motorhome Recovery

Evanston Towing Company offers expert recovery services for mid-sized RVs, designed to meet your needs and get you back on track quickly. We can handle the recovery of Class B and C motorhomes, as well as trailers and camper vans, making us your ideal choice for any mid-sized RV towing situation.

Class B motorhomes are known for their small but functional design, and Class C motorhomes have distinctive features that set them apart. Our skilled team uses accuracy and care when recovering these mid-sized RVs, ensuring that we know how to tow them properly, from hitching to transit.

In addition to motorhomes, we also provide recovery services for trailers and camper vans, covering a wide range of mid-sized recreational vehicles. Whether you’re traveling around Illinois with your Class B or Class C motorhome, enjoying the outdoors with your camper van, or hauling a trailer, Evanston Towing Company is ready to provide you with dependable and professional recovery services. Count on us to manage the recovery process with speed and attention to detail, making sure your mid-sized RV gets back on the road and you can continue your journey smoothly.

Choose Evanston Towing Company

We follow strict standards to protect you and your car during the whole towing process.

  • Great Service: You will be greeted warmly and treated professionally by our team, who will make your breakdown a smooth experience, handling your tow with a smile.
  • Advanced Methods: Using the latest tools and methods, our experts can handle any towing situation with accuracy and speed, giving you peace of mind that you are in good hands.
  • Fast Delivery: Evanston Towing Company values quick response and effective service, reducing interruptions to your day and helping you get back on track.

When you choose Evanston Towing Company, you get more than just a tow—you get a complete service that focuses on safety, skill, timeliness, and the use of the best towing technology. We also offer heavy-duty and light-duty towing services. See the difference with our dedicated team, who are ready to provide excellent towing solutions in Cook County.

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